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About Our Very Special Gins

Inspired by Charentaise heritage our small batch gins are distilled in the heart of Cognac country.

We use the same method of distillation that local Cognac Houses have used for generations, employing a traditional copper still, and a live tended flame.

We choose the finest botanicals, ranging from locally picked melon, to exotics from Eastern Asia, such as cassia bark, along with orris root, derived from the Iris, a beautiful, blooming flower.

The extra attention to detail is more than worth it, with our gins giving up an incredibly smooth finish, yet allowing all of the botanicals to tell their own unique story.

Gins de Charente are as at home on a cocktail menu as they are in a classic G&T, but somewhat unusually, their smooth finish and intense flavours make them perfect sipping gins, we encourage patrons trying our gins to first try them straight or on the rocks. All of the taste none of the burn.

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